With MASTERING we don’t just mean “PUMP” the volume of your mix, it’s much more, it’s an optimization of the listening with all kind of media on which music is listened nowadays (smartphone, tablet, earphones, PC, etc.), to reach the best sound experience possible, without alter the color and dynamics obtained during the recording and mixing process.

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What does it means MIXING?

Mixing is ​​a crucial and delicate phase in music production, but it is also very creative; the purpose is to reach a perfect balance within all different instruments, with different timbres and dynamics, without creating harmonic and/or level conflict, around the frequency spectrum.
It takes experience and critical listening, as well as familiarity with the main “MIXING tools” (eq, dynamic processors, FX).
Remember that a great mix is ​​mainly obtained from an excellent recording.
If you decide to hire me as your mixing engineer, make sure that your songs are recorded in the best way as you can, so I can do my best to reach a top level sound.

Recording e Sound Design

 These are the recording and sound design services available:
– Recording studio production
– LIVE recording (mobile studio with 32 channels)
– Music creation for your videos
– FX creation
– Dubbing

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